La Casa’s Friends Turn Out for Spring Events

San Marino Community Church donates more than 150 hours as La Casa’s friends join the parade of spring giving. If you’re like us, you know that there’s a feeling of real accomplishment that comes when you give to those in need. It may be a donation of resources like cash or manpower, or it may be the joyous noise of dozens of volunteers pouring their hearts and souls into a physical task – not to mention some backbreaking labor, and a whole lot of love. It’s that season at La Casa when so many good people in our community turn out to help San Gabriel’s families in need. These are their stories. San Marino Community Church proves what sweat equity’s all about. Our good friends at San Marino Community Church have outdone themselves, demonstrating their friendship with La Casa. On May 4-6, the congregation volunteered their time to serve our


Dr. Jason Gee, a local dentist and member of the San Gabriel Presbyterian Church, recently provided a dental screening for all of La Casa’s preschoolers. Each of the children were examined and given lessons on flossing and brushing. The importance of healthy foods and exercise was stressed as part of total health. Volunteers, from the church, helped to make the process fun and relaxing for the children. A toothbrush and toothpaste were provided for each child. Dr. Gee and volunteers have been providing this service to the preschoolers for 3 years.  Parents appreciate the screening and follow up recommendations are provided, so that the risk for cavities is decreased. Thank you Dr. Gee and volunteers!