Our Mission

La Casa exists to serve the multicultural community of San Gabriel and its surrounding areas.  Its purpose is to encourage and support individuals and families in need. Through the provision of direct human services, advocacy, and referrals, La Casa seeks to enhance the educational and economic well-being of the people it serves. We truly believe that by providing educational opportunities, we can uplift our families both economically and emotionally and help them thrive. Our preschool is a shining example of this as many children who came to La Casa to learn English are now professionals and volunteer their time to help other families.  By working closely with our community partners and foundations we are able to proved a wide range of services.

Our History

La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center was founded in 1946 by the Reverend César Lizárraga and his wife Angelita. It was during their call as pastors of the Presbyterian Church on East Mission Road in 1943, that the Lizárraga’s realized the community lacked programs to address the educational and social needs of its low income residents. Today La Casa continues to serve as a family resource center  as our founders had envisioned.  We continue to help economically disadvantaged children and families in their efforts to overcome the barriers of limited education, underemployment, language, inadequate housing and lack of medical care. Our history is deep, our core is strong, our mission is simple and with the continued support of our community we will continue to make a difference each day, each year, each generation.

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