At La Casa, we are proud to offer a high quality preschool that is open to any child, regardless of their family’s financial situation. We are the only preschool in the area that offers a bilingual early childhood education program which charges tuition on an income-based sliding scale.
A former preschool parent recently wrote us about her experience at La Casa: “I had a purely wonderful experience at La Casa. This preschool has a good balance of teachers, volunteers, and a caring staff. I love the activities they exposed my child to: music, Spanish, manners, singing, respect, and visits to the library. For the level of education and service provided, the prices and hours were ideal to our family schedule.
After attending La Casa’s preschool, my child entered elementary school socially adjusted and academically prepared. She even received student of the month this October! I highly recommend this school to any parent seeking a productive learning experience. On that note, I want to say thank you to La Casa for leaving a warm feeling, showing care and professionalism.”