Have you donated to La Casa during this year? If not, then you may think that one gift would not be missed. But here at La Casa, EVERY donation makes a difference. And it only takes two minutes to write a check or donate online.
If you’ve never donated to La Casa before, then this is the best time to share your support. But you may be asking, “why me? why should I donate to La Casa?” Here’s our answer. . . .
Because your gift to La Casa has the power to make a change to the lives of families and children right here in our community.
Because of your donation We will be able to continue our annual dental screenings, like the one where four-year-old Mario got to see a dentist for the first time and went home with this own special care kit.
Because of your donation, we can continue to help the families like the Gonzalez’s who received a bag of food from our pantry when they didn’t have enough to last until the next paycheck. Because of your donation, we can still help preschool parents like Roberto. At Christmas, he lost his job, his wife was diagnosed with cancer and had only $2 left in the bank. That’s when he got a call from La Casa about a basket full of gifts and a grocery store gift card waiting just for him.
When you choose to donate to La Casa, you are ensuring that we can continue to serve our community. Whether you can contribute $10, $100 or $1,000 your donation will help our families, most of whom are working, have the opportunity to climb out of poverty. La Casa has now been a vital part of San Gabriel for over 60 years. We could not offer our services to the community without our family of supporters who give generously of both their time and money. But despite the fact that the help we receive from donors like you has remained stable, the number of children and families in need continues to grow.
So we need you, right now, to take two minutes and change a life by donating to La Casa. It is not too late to help families in our community to learn, grow and thrive.
To make a donation, please go to www.lacasacommunitycenter.org and click the “donate” button in the upper right-hand corner to make an online gift.
If you have any questions, or would like to come visit us at La Casa, then please contact Emily DiPetrillo, our Development Director at 626.286.2144.
Thank you for allowing me to be your board chair. It’s a great place to invest our energy and love.