La Casa News Fall 2014 Final

Cheryl Prentice and Eduardo Garcia

. . .for Giving Thanks and Spreading Compassion, Joy, and Hope.

Another year is fast approaching its end and as we enjoy the holiday season, we reflect on the year that has passed. We have much to be thankful for at La Casa, and this has truly been a blessed year.
Cheryl Prentice, our beloved Executive Director, a key cornerstone in our foundation, retired after over 40 years of service to La Casa. We are grateful that she has help navigate La Casa through many challenges and ensured our continued success for many years to come. Time will never erase the impact she has made, instead it will gain momentum as the generations she has touched grow, thrive and pay it forward. We wish Cheryl many years of health and happiness as she enjoys more time with her family and friends.
It is with great fortune that the Board of Directors was able to recruit Eduardo Garcia as Interim Executive Director. Eduardo has brought his experience working with non-profit and community organizations to La Casa and is already making an impact. In addition, Marilyn DeLaTorre agreed to stay on an additional year as Chair of the Board of Directors and she has helped navigate the transition. Our dedicated staff continues to make La Casa a welcoming place for everyone and strives to help our students and families thrive. With the help of LA Up, our preschool is being reinvigorated to meet the new demands of early education and our teachers are receiving new curriculum and professional development.
Our city and community is committed to La Casa. We continue to be uplifted and inspired by our supporters. It would take up our full newsletter to thank all of the city staff, community organizations, churches, businesses, families and individuals who support La Casa. We will save that for another edition! La Casa is a community center filled with never ending Compassion, Joy and Hope. It is constantly rejuvenated by those who continue to care and reach out to make a difference. It truly is everyone’s home and helps strengthen us in many ways both individually and collectively as a community, La Casa es Su Casa.